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Gorham High School Building Project » GHS Project & ACCC Site Drawings

GHS Project & ACCC Site Drawings

Total Site Drawing (To Include ACCC and Building):
Here you can see the entire site's design.  Please note this is NOT to scale.  This drawing is up to date as of Feb. 21, 2019 and is subject to change.  Site Highlights to note:
*  Existing GHS building is in the cream color
*  Proposed New Building Structures are in the orange color.
*  Almost 200 parking spaces are added and numbered.
*  Tennis courts are moved to Robie park.  There are 5 tennis courts in this design.
access road is proposed to be closed with significant upgrades to Ball Park and potential upgrades to 202 access aimed at optimizing traffic flow (This is initial work, Traffic Study is being conducted and will provide more details)
*  The tree line buffers to Robie Park will remain although may be replanted with more solid trees.  Playground at Robie along with shared gardens will remain as will the softball field.
*  Proposed lighting upgrades to the site will include high efficiency lighting with more focused lighting that should reduce overall impacts of lighting to surrounding community.
*  Remove 6 modular classroom spaces.
*  Add facilities, athletic and other needed program storage spaces.