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Assessment » Opportunities for Parental Engagement Toward Improving Academic Achievement in the Gorham Schools

Opportunities for Parental Engagement Toward Improving Academic Achievement in the Gorham Schools

Gorham School Department

Opportunities for Parental Engagement Toward
Improving Academic Achievement in the Gorham Schools

Gorham High School
Gorham Middle School
Village School
Narragansett School
Great Falls School

District and School-Based Opportunities for Interaction & Communication

Preface Statement:

The Gorham School District is committed to actively fostering a partnership with our parent community in terms of communication and active collaboration. There are numerous opportunities to engage parents in the districtís ongoing efforts and commitment to improve student learning and achievement. Although the nuances and avenues of involvement may vary at each developmental level, our commitment remains the same to actively engage this most important resource in the work of our schools. Listed herein are some of the ways that parents can be involved at all levels. For specific opportunities and inquiries, please contact your child ís school office or administration.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Volunteers are invaluable members of the educational program in Gorham schools. The time that you give greatly increases the opportunities offered the students. There are many opportunities for volunteering ranging from baking for events, chaperoning field trips/dances or working with students in and out of the classroom. If you are interested in volunteering please contact our District Volunteer Coordinator at the address listed below:

    Heidi McGouldrick, District Volunteer Coordinator
Authentic / Interactive School-Wide Events
  • School-wide Welcome Open House and Special Social Events
  • Family Learning Nights
  • Family Fun Night
  • Music (Vocal and Band) Concerts
  • School Musical Events
  • Art Exhibits
  • Cabaret Nights
  • Athletic and Other Co-Curricular Events
  • Secondary Dance Events
  • Student / Family Wellness Nights
  • End of the Year Student Recognition Assemblies
  • End of the Year Field Day Celebrations
  • Specific Honors Assemblies
  • Graduation and related events
Parent Informational and Advisory Meetings
  • P.I.E. (Partners in Education) Meetings at Each School
  • Grade Level Parent Information Nights
  • Program Informational Meetings as needed
Small Group Interactive School-Wide Events
  • Administrative Hosted Open-Format Conversational Forums with Parents
  • Assessment Informational Meetings
  • Special Interest Topical Parent Meetings
Classroom Based Connections
  • Open Houses
  • Teacher-Student-Parent Conferences
  • Special Classroom Events / Presentations
  • Classroom Newsletters
School or District Based Programmatic Connections

Students may qualify for a variety of Instructional Support Services including:

English Language Learners
Gifted and Talented
Response to Intervention (RTI)
Section 504
Special Education
Title One/Literacy and Math

For more information, please call the Offices of Instructional Support Services at

Phone: (207) 222-1002
FAX: (207) 839-5001
Or contact directly any of the following support personnel:

Director of Instructional Support:
Kathy Hamblen
email: kathyh@gorhamschools.org

Administrative Assistant:
Marcelle Burke
email: marcelleb@gorhamschools.org

Secretary for Instructional Support:
Mary-Kate Flaherty
email: mflaherty@gorhamschools.org

District and School-Wide Communications
  • District and School Website Information
  • Monthly School Newsletters
  • Special Announcements / Informational Memos
  • Topical Survey Information as needed
  • District Level Committees and Advisory Groups with Parental Involvement
  • Biweekly Meetings of the Gorham School Committee
  • Postings and articles in local news media, such as the Gorham Times and American Journal
  • Communication Opportunities with Gorham School Committee Members
  • Special Informational Programming through GoCAT (Gorham Cable Television)