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Transportation » School Bus Safety & Awareness

School Bus Safety & Awareness

At Home and at Your Bus Stop
When leaving your home, go directly to your bus stop
Respect the property of people who live at or near your bus stop.
Use your assigned bus stop each day.
Be at the bus stop five minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive. This will help keep your bus on schedule.
Stand on the sidewalk or on the shoulder of the road.
Wait until your bus comes to a complete stop before moving to board it.
If you must cross the street to board the bus, wait until it has stopped, the red school bus lights are flashing and the driver signals that it is safe. Then, look both ways and cross ten feet in front of the bus.

Please note: In an effort to ensure student safety and reduce student behavioral violations, video cameras may be used to monitor students during transport to and from school and co-curricular activities.

Boarding and Riding the Bus

Please note: Student must have a note to ride on a bus other than their regular bus

Board the bus in an orderly manner
Listen to the driver at all times.
Take a seat and stay seated until the bus reaches your destination.
Talk in a normal tone so that you do not distract the driver.
Keep the aisle and the emergency exits clear of all belongings.
Drinking and eating are not permitted on the bus.
Pointed or sharp objects such as pens, pencils, or scissors should be carried in a case or container.
Glass containers are not allowed on the bus.
Skateboards are not allowed on the bus.
Flammable materials, lighters, matches, and other such paraphernalia are not allowed on the bus.
Do not throw objects from the bus.
Do not put your head or hands out of the windows.
Do not deface, damage, or tamper with any of the bus equipment, including emergency exits. Anyone found doing so will not only lose transportation privileges, but will be required to pay for repairs.
Be courteous, use appropriate language.
Stay in your seat at all times when the bus is in motion.
Keeps your hands to yourself.
Respect others' personal space and property.
Students are not allowed to hang items, such as key chains or trinkets from their backpacks as they may damage the bus seats and may also potentially be caught on the bus handrail, causing danger to students when entering and exiting the bus.

When you leave the Bus...

Get off at your designated stop.
Assist younger children when leaving the bus.
If you must cross the street, walk ten feet in front of the bus and then look up at your driver for his/her okay to step into the street. Then, walk only to the outside edge of the bus, stop and look both ways to be certain all traffic has stopped and then proceed to the other side of the street.
Go directly home.

Extra Curricular Activities

On a filed trip or sports trip, the teacher accompanying you is responsible for students behavior, and will expect you to follow the rules and regulations.
The same rules and regulations apply any time you ride a school bus.

Riding the school bus is a privilege. Repeated and/or serious misconduct could result in loss of riding privileges.

Late Buses

Because of varied rider ship, late buses do not automatically stop at each bus stop listed on the schedules. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the driver is aware of the bus stop that the student wishes to use. Late run buses take students to a stop in the general area of their home rather to student's regularly assigned bus stop.

Other Safety Information

Live animals, firearms, explosives or anything of a dangerous nature are not permitted in school buses. Also, gym bags, band instruments, school projects, and other similar items are not permitted on the school bus unless they can be held on the student's lap without endangering the safety of other pupils.

For the safety and convenience of others on the bus, it is suggested that students with large musical instruments should attempt to sit in the front seats of the bus, if available.

The following musical instruments are too large to be transported on buses to and from school: baritone sax, baritone horn, brass trombone, cello, drums, electric bass, electric piano, marimba, mellophone, sousaphone, string-bass, tuba, vibraharp, and xylophone amplifier system. Parents should make arrangements to transport these instruments and any large projects or items to school and back.

Parents and school staff should watch for and be aware that drawstrings on students' clothing and backpacks can become caught on bus handrails, etc. when exiting the bus. Students are not allowed to hang items, such as key chains or trinkets from their backpacks.

Violation of the Rules

The bus driver will reprimand the student for minor violations.
The bus driver will report serious or repeated violations to the school principal in writing.
The school principal will notify the student and the parent or guardian of the violations and of the disciplinary action which must be taken.

Student Bus Discipline Procedure

The bus driver may assign seats.
The bus driver may give a warning.
Students are expected to follow the school bus safety and awareness rules outlined by the Transportation Department and included in the student handbook. n Our goal is to provide a safe bus ride for all students.

» 1st slip--written warning/detention/meet with administrator
» 2nd slip--suspended from bus privileges for two (2) days
» 3rd slip--suspended from bus privileges for five (5) days
» 4th slip--suspension to be determined from ten (10)days to remainder of school year.
» Serious safety infractions or unlawful acts may result in immediate loss of bus riding privileges at any time.

* Suspension is an option at any time depending on the situation.
** Exceptions to these rules include children with special education needs and learning/behavioral plans.
*** All of the rules and safety issues listed above apply to the late bus.

Bus regulations should be reviewed by parents and students together. Questions concerning transportation of students should be directed to the Director of Transportation, Norm Justice at 893-2547 or 893-2578.