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Gorham History » Inside the Church

Inside the Church

The Old Church Pew

The Tappan Robie Pew was built in 1750. Can you figure out how old is it?
The Tappan Robie pew is older than the box pews that you will hear about on your tour. It was made with just one saw and an axe and is very primitive compared with today's pews.
People would have stay in this pew listening to the church service that would last for four hours. They would have sat up very straight. It looks very uncomfortable!
Sometimes people would fall asleep during the church service. Deacons would walk around and wake people up. Do you know how they would wake people up?
Inside the Church, it would have been very noisy. People brought their animals. Dogs, chickens and cows might wander inside. The town had a common pasture area nearby in the center of town.

The pews used to be very different than they are today. They were built more like boxes. You couldn't see over the sides. The minister preached from way up in the balcony at a pulpit.
People would bring a box of coals from their fire to keep their feet warm.
The Old Town Records
These are pages of an old book that is kept in the church. In the 1700's, all the town records were kept here, recording everyone who was born and everyone who was married.

Can you read the handwriting? All the writing was done with a quill pen made from goose quills. The center of the stem of the feather was hollow, so they would dip the end of the quill into a pot of ink and write with that.