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Policies, Procedures, & Forms

There are many important health needs recognized in school-age children, therefore many state laws and Board of Education policies have been developed to promote the health and safety of these children. It is the goal of the Gorham Health Services Department, to carry out these policies and to identify preventative measures to promote wellness in the school community.
The Gorham School Health Department is staffed by four full-time RNs and two part-time RNs, who cover Gorham High School, Gorham Middle School, Narragansett, Great Falls, and Village Schools. Any concerns or health information for the school nurse may be left with any of the school’s office secretaries. The Health Service Department is staffed by a nurse Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:15 PM. 
Gorham High School Nurse - Joyce LaRou - 222-1105
Gorham Middle School Nurse - Alicia Murray - 222-1224
Village School Nurse - Carrie Chasse - 222-1336
Narragansett School Nurse -  Collette Andreasen - 222-1260
Great Falls School Nurse - Melissa Tringalli - 222-1062
Health Services Documents